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New York City.  Madison Square Park.  An exceptionally perfect sunny afternoon.  I found myself talking to three young millennials about God, the Bible, Jesus, and the story Jesus followers call “the gospel.”  As they learned how this message was central to every part of life you could see their excitement build and their curiosity intensify. One young man looked at me and said, “Man, you are blowing my mind…I want to know more.” 

This is my “Why.” The world is hurting, broken, confused, and without hope. And in every human is the desire to find meaning and purpose. When we understand that we are uniquely designed creations of God who have been redeemed from our broken choices and are offered status as a child of God through Jesus…well that changes everything. 


I live to bring glory to my Savior by helping people know more about what really matters. 


- Ben Schettler

SPEAKER     |     WRITER    |     CONSULTANT     |     TV HOST


Ben is the President and Co-founder of The Center for Truth in Love. Since 2002 Ben has been preaching and teaching the Bible’s truth.  He travels about 100,000 miles a year keynoting at conferences, preaching for churches, hosting Truth in Love Seminars, and holding speaking series for Christian schools.


Ben served as co-host for the Creation Today television show.  In 2019 He co-created, produced, and hosted the Truth in Love show.  A Christian worldview talk show format featuring on the street encounters and interviews from Christian leaders including Josh McDowell, George Barna, Jon Stonestreet, and others.  Season one aired on the Christian Television Network.  Work is underway for Truth in Love season two.


Ben was the main writer for the nationally syndicated Legal Alert radio program and the creator of the Curious Conversation, an entertaining video series designed to answer skeptical objections in 1-2 minutes. Ben has also written a unique small group curriculum called Truth in Love and two books, Continue a young believer’s first steps guide and 14 Days of Truth in Love a video e-book merging apologetics and evangelism in a daily devotional study.



Ben served as the Faith Outreach Advisor to Dr. Ben Carson’s campaign for Presidency in 2016.  His work included media appearances on behalf of the campaign as well as co-creating the Revive 714 event featuring Kirk Cameron, Casting Crowns, and Dr. Ben Carson.


Ben is also the founder of the Pure Truth Conference and the Why Conference.  Both of these events have reached tens of thousands of parents and students with Biblical worldview and apologetic training in over 40 venues across the United States. 


Ben, his wife Makenzie, and their son Cranston reside in Pensacola, Fl. Their 15 years of marriage have been packed with many adventures as they serve the Lord side by side.  Ben enjoys surfing whenever the waves are up. 

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